UnlatchWe spent our time finding out if we are lovedSee you envelop my heart with emptinessAll of my boundaries you crossed without remorseI’m letting go, babe, all from what you’ve doneI guess we wern’t close enoughI feel lost in loveWe wern’t close enoughI feel lost in loveNow that you’ve got me in your place, I […]


Everything   Everything I doEverything is youAnd Anything I’ll always be kind & trueCoincidence or fate?Are we building towards a catastropheOh how cold I amAnd I’m fighting really really hardSo I lie to herEverything I doEverything is youAnd anything always with time will comeFor that we both exist for one reasonOh someone save meIt’s hard […]


PossibilitiesQuestion everythingWere we even one before?My days, our future… Past…..Searching for things that never lastWere we ever none before?Truth and honesty thrown awayHere’s to lying everydayMy days… our future… Never moreWe were never one no morePossibilities question everythingSearching for something real.

Those Green Eyes Staring Back

You’re a beautyBeyond all understandingAnd I want you here with meI took a chanceI took a mile in the roadThat leads me to your heartAll honestyIn all honestlyI my heart and soul to youYou are my worldAnd I’m just a pawnI play to your hearts amuseYou saw me stairAnd I saw you thereYou were love […]

Honest Light

Honest lightTonight I’ll stayAlways gonna be this waySo baby shine your light on meShine your light onBaby shine your light on meNever gonna be this way…Been a long time coming comingBeen a long time coming comingEven though tonight I’ll stayNot always gonna be this waySo baby shine your light on meToo muchOn your mindNever roomOdionMarch […]


CaesarsI catch myself, I’m slipping awayYour a beauty through and throughMy heart, my heart knows me better than I know myselfWash myself clean from my doubts.That thing, that thing, suddenly my everythingSaving me from all the pain.But what’s the point in losing my mind.Better then the ones from before.Watching it unfold with my eyes.You’re the […]


MargueritepePain in all of you I wonderLet me in so I can wanderYou used to be the one I’m needingBut now I see you need some healingEverything that I encounteredYou’re my everything that mattersI used to be the man who’s missingBut now It’s me who needs some fixingEverything about your faceEverything about your tasteEverything about […]

My Empty Embrace

My Empty EmbraceMy love is like the windYou can’t see itYou can feel it envelop your bodyWrapping you safelyCaringAll your fears and yesterday wash away with my embrace.Your love is like a hookYou bait meI’m on the lineI can feel myself falling every timeEmptyMy fears and yesterday question the choices I’ve made todayAs you wrap […]


Window She had a real sad smileThe kind you feel on a SundayShe made me want to chase(She said, she said. So)She had an empty heartYou think she wore it on her sweaterShe made me want to chaseYou’ve miss your windowI let you into(Hey, hey)Aren’t you afraid?Of being alone She has a crooked smileThe kind […]

The Voice

The VoiceJuly, July beautiful JulyShe enters for one glass of winebeautiful and sweetThe voice a tiny whisperCan barely hearBut I know it’s thereOctober, October beautiful OctoberShe enter with oneI so envy the oneThe closenessThe loveThe voice speaksIt’s creeping behind meTelling me what it thinksBut I know it’s untrueNovember November beautiful November