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Window She had a real sad smileThe kind you feel on a SundayShe made me want to chase(She said, she said. So)She had an empty heartYou think she wore it on her sweaterShe made me want to chaseYou’ve miss your windowI let you into(Hey, hey)Aren’t you afraid?Of being alone She has a crooked smileThe kind buy modafinil paypal

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The VoiceJuly, July beautiful JulyShe enters for one glass of winebeautiful and sweetThe voice a tiny whisperCan barely hearBut I know it’s thereOctober, October beautiful OctoberShe enter with oneI so envy the oneThe closenessThe loveThe voice speaksIt’s creeping behind meTelling me what it thinksBut I know it’s untrueNovember November beautiful November

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“Predy Thoughts”Yesterday there was sun shinin’,And rain was falling down, around me,My mended heart needed a touch, warm touch,I look into those eyes, your eyes.The world is alright with me.Here I am loved ones beside me leaving,You hold my hand, but do you really need me?I guess it’s time for me to let you goI buy modafinil abu dhabi