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The VoiceJuly, July beautiful JulyShe enters for one glass of winebeautiful and sweetThe voice a tiny whisperCan barely hearBut I know it’s thereOctober, October beautiful OctoberShe enter with oneI so envy the oneThe closenessThe loveThe voice speaksIt’s creeping behind meTelling me what it thinksBut I know it’s untrueNovember November beautiful November

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The Fall If I don’t fall If You don’t leave Will you still feel the same about me I wish you were here Take a chance, we’re all learning how not to fall Tell me I’m right Tell me I’m wrong Tell how love is here and not at all Tell me I’m a fool buy modafinil europe

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“Predy Thoughts”Yesterday there was sun shinin’,And rain was falling down, around me,My mended heart needed a touch, warm touch,I look into those eyes, your eyes.The world is alright with me.Here I am loved ones beside me leaving,You hold my hand, but do you really need me?I guess it’s time for me to let you goI buy modafinil with bitcoin